Marshall Electronics Broadcast division LCD rackmountable from 5-inch to 6.8-inch screens.

Part# # of Screens x Size Description Inputs per Panel Price
M-CT508-065-inch Portable Camera-Top Field Monitor 5" 5" Portable Camera-Top Field Monitor HDMI
M-LYNX-503Triple 5-inch Rackmountable LYNX Monitor with HDMI, 3G-SDI and Composite Inputs 3 x 5" Triple 5" Rackmountable Monitor with HDMI, 3G-SDI and Composite Inputs 1 (3) 3G/HD/SDI
1 (3) Composite
V-LCD56MD-3GLCD monitor model V-LCD56MD 5.6"
5.6" High Resolution Camera-Top Monitor with Modular Input/Output 1 HDMI
(HDCP Compliant)
(With Intput Module)
V-R653-IMD-3GTETriple HD/SD Rack Mounted Monitor Set HDSDI / SDI inputs 3 x 6.5" Triple 6.5" 1024 x 768 Rack Mounted Monitor Set with HD-SDI, 3G/HD/SDI inputs and In-Monitor Display features 1 (3) HD-SDI
M-CT66.2-inch Portable Camera Top LCD Monitor 6.2" 6.2" Portable Camera-Top Field Monitor AV1

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* Pricing, specification and features are subject to change