1RU rackmountable processor unit incorporates dual link/dual 3GSDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, inputs with built in Waveform, Vectorscope, and audio levels


Waveform / Vector Display Engine

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• Turn any DVI-D / HDMI display into an accurate Waveform / Vector / Audio Monitor
• Powerful analysis tools in a compact 1/2 Rack 1RU package

Dual Link / Waveform Processor with 3GSDI support

The DLWR-3G is a compact video analysis tool that works hand-in-hand with any available DVI-D or HDMI display. Powerful features include on-screen video waveform and vectorscope, 16 channel audio level metering, closed captioning decode (608/708) and timecode display as well as audio de-embedding. Two 3GSDI looping inputs support single and dual-link formats. Output is DVI-D (RGB color space) which is easily adaptable to HDMI. In addition to the video analysis features, the DLWR-3G supports networked in-monitor text (IMD), three-color tally and four user presets, all in a 1/2 rack width, 1RU package. Great for master control rooms, QC stations, satellite monitoring, etc. Blow your waveform up on a large flat screen display!



DLWR-3G processor FEATURES


Simultaneously view video waveform and live picture. Display options include Overlay, Parade, YUV and RGB modes.


Accurately map color vectors with selectable 75%/100% targets.


Display up to 16 audio channels with 40-step precision. De-embed any two channels to Line Level and Headphone outputs.

feature display for waveform monitors


View full screen video while simultaneously monitoring levels. Adjustable overlay transparency.Perfect for large flat screen displays.


SSelecting Quad mode allows all analysis functions, tallies and text to share the screen with live video.

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