Marshall Electronics Broadcast A/V Division Truck Edition Rack Mounted LCD Monitor Sets. Our TE Monitors are design for broadcast trucks and studio applications for all professional multimedia broadcasting environments.

TRUCK EDITION (TE) - Rack Mounted LCD Monitor Sets

Marshall Truck Editiqon (TE) monitors are designed to be extensively used in Broadcast Trucks and Studio applications. Our TE monitors have a narrow bezel, and do not have logos, markings, or model numbers displayed on the front of the monitor. Many even have their controls located on the back of the monitor. The TE monitors deliver an attractive, uncluttered appearance that is tailored to video wall and mobile applications.

Part# # of Screens x Size Description Inputs per Panel Price
17.3" 17.3" High Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 Monitor with 3GSDI input, In-Monitor Display Features and Truck Edition Enhancements (1) 3GSDI
V-R653-IMD-3GTELCD dual monitor model V-R653-IMD-TE 3 x 6.5" Triple 6.5" 1024 x 768 Rack Mounted Monitor Set with HD-SDI, 3G/HD/SDI inputs and In-Monitor Display features 1 (3) HD-SDI