The V-SG4K-3G is a test pattern signal generator that can check the funcionatlity of HDMI and SDI equipment. The V-SG4K-3G allows for easy field calibration for line quality assessment, studio equipment, televisions, digital signage, home theaters, and more.

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HDMI formats HD up to 1080p60 and UHD 60Hz SDI formats up to 1080p HDMI compact portablepattern generator displaying test patterns
  • HDMI and SDI signal generator in one compact package
  • Generates 39 standard patterns plus 4 user loadable patterns
  • Large 3-inch LCD for pattern preview and menu operations
  • HDMI formats HD up to 1080p60 (4:4:4, 4:2:2 sampling) and UHD 60Hz (4:2:0 sampling) SDI formats up to 1080p
  • Generates Cinema frame rates 23.98 and 24.00
  • Quick check patterns for VR / 3D
  • Moving patterns quickly reveal dropped frames, judder, smear
  • Read, store, and offload EDID information from display devices
  • Confirm HDCP compliance
  • Software control app connects via USB or RS-232
  • 5-volt power supply included
  • Battery option available

The V-SG4K-3G is a test pattern signal generator that can quickly and easily test HDMI and SDI video and audio equipment from out in the field. Compact, hand-held design makes it easy for testing out many different kinds of equipment while on the go, and it can generate up to 39 different test patterns plus four additional custom patterns. It has a 3-inch LCD screen for clear test pattern viewing, forward-facing buttons, and the ability to control through PC. The V-SG4K-3G has a fast startup and an optional battery pack for increased portability, and can incorporate custom frame rates and resolutions when controlled through a PC. The V-SG4K-3G also comes equipped with EDID interface software.


Production line quality assessment; studio equipment testing for both installers and users; television set testing by TV engineers or technicians; digital signage configuration tests with extenders, switches, splitters or video wall processors; and for discerning home theater users.

Marshall camera-top AA battery assembly

Portable AA Battery pack

The Marshall BP-6AA Battery Assembly is a great solution for added portability for the V-SG4K-3G. Simply attach the battery assembly to the bottom of the V-SG4K-3G and attach the DC 5V/7V power jack for providing HDMI and SDI test video signals in hard-to-reach places.

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Marshall camera-top AA battery assembly
AA battery assembly
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