Touch screen RCP Camera Control with Touchscreen Interface and multiple easy to understand menus


Touchscreen RCP
Camera Control

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Touchscreen RCP Camera Control
  • Directly adjusts camera settings remotely via RS485 connect without having to manipulate on-screen display menu
    (individual & global set features)
  • Convenient touchscreen control with fine-tune adjustment knobs to adjust and match cameras
  • Enables remote controls for brightness (AE offset), white balance, exposure, paint (red/blue), gamma, gain, iris, shutter, saturation, output format (res/fps), Pan-Tilt-Zoom control, and more
  • Easy access 3-pin XLR connection (RS485/RS232)
  • USB interface for memory saves via USB stick and firmware updates in the field
  • Intuitive menus and sub-menus with help dialogs and favorites presets
  • Set multiple cameras with one preset or multiple presets saveable on-board or on external USB memory sticks
  • Low power consumption requires 9-26V power at less than 12 watts (AC or portable batteries)
  • Expandable frame for mounting in broadcast trucks, consoles and racks

Remote control, adjust, and match leading broadcast cameras, one at a time or up to seven at once, without leaving the production room or broadcast truck.

Marshall has teamed up with a five-time Sports Emmy award winner to develop a stand alone remote RCP solution to adjust, paint, and match broadcast cameras. The new CV-RCP-100 Touchscreen Control unit allows for remote operation of up to seven broadcast cameras from up to 300m away via RS485 (Visca), intuitive touchscreen control, and user friendly fine-tune adjustment dials for quick changes on the fly.

Intuitive touchscreen interface includes self help dialogs, favorites settings, save features and intelligent menu and sub-menu layouts. Fine-tune finger dials enable precision adjustments for white balance, red/blue gain, gamma, black level, brightness, exposure, iris, shutter, resolution, frame-rate, and many more - simultaneously or one at a time. The CV-RCP-100 comes pre-programmed with control protocols for leading broadcast cameras, including Marshall POV, remote zoom, full-PTZ, as well as popular non-Marshall branded cameras on the market.