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ACCESSORIES IPTV Division CS mount Varifocal Lenses with DC Auto Iris

For use with VS-series CS mount MegaPixel Box Cameras

mounting Brackets for V-370 and VS-570 Series Dome Cameras Varifocal lenses permit users to change the effective focal length
(EFL) and the horizontal angle of view.
This flexibility allows camera installations in a variety of places that
often require lenses of different focal lengths.

CS Mount Megapixel Varifocal Lenses:
Model Focal Length F-Stop 1/4” Sensor 1/3” Sensor 1/2.5” Sensor
VS-B570A-W VS-B570AB-W VS-B570A-C VS-M246A 2.4 ~ 6 F1.4 74° ~ 34° 90° ~ 43° 98° ~ 49°
Wall Mounting Bracket in White Wall Mounting Bracket in Black Ceiling Mount Bracket VS-M408A 4 ~ 8 F1.4 48° ~ 25° 62° ~ 33° 70° ~ 38°
(For Indoor and Outdoor use) (For Indoor and Outdoor use) (For Indoor / Outdoor use)
VS-57XA Series Camera VS-577A Series Camera VS-57XA Series Cameras VS-M4012A 4 ~ 12 F1.4 48° ~ 17° 62° ~ 22° 70° ~ 36°
VS-M550A 5 ~ 50 F1.4 40° ~ 4° 50° ~ 5.4° 58° ~ 6.3°

wide Angle Lens Adapters
For use with VS-540 and VS-541 to increase angle of view
VS-B570-P VS-B570-R VS-C570
Pipe Mount Bracket Corner Mount Bracket Mounting Cup for Speed Dome High quality optical glass lens adapters increase the viewing angle
(For Indoor / Outdoor use) (For Indoor / Outdoor use) Cameras. Fits all VS Speed from 0.7x to 0.3x magnification.
VS-57X / VS-57XA Series Cameras VS-57X / VS-57XA Series Cameras Dome Cameras except the Various lens adapter rings are included for use on other models of
VS-370-X10 and VS-370-X12 cameras and camcorders.

VS-TKC-100 PTZ Keyboard Controller Wide Angle Lens Adapters:

Camera Compatibility
Model Description Adapter Rings Included
VS-540 VS-541
VS-LRX-3035 0.3x wide angle lens adapter 27mm 30mm, 30.5mm, 34mm, 37mm, 43mm OK N/A
VS-LRX-5050 0.5x wide angle lens adapter 27mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 34mm 37mm, 43mm OK N/A
100mm VS-LRX-731 0.7x wide angle lens adapter 37mm, 43mm, 49mm, 52mm 55mm OK OK

VS-P1000V PoE+ In-Line Injector
For use with VS-57X & VS-57XA Dome Cameras.

• USB mouse function • Built-in 3-Axis proportional joystick • 10/100/1000Mbps • Over-Voltage Protective Installation
• Operates with a 9V battery • Easy upload of programming data via serial communication • Input: 100-240V • Short-Circuit Protective Installation
• Controls up to 255 cameras • Built-in LCD with 2 lines of characters • Output: 56V 0.6A (33.6W) • Protection Type: Auto-Recover
• Multiple protocols supported in each channel • User password support • CISPR 22 ’B’, VCCI ’B’, FCC ’B’ Compliance • 802.3at Compatible
• RS-485 / RS-422 communication (Tx: 3 port, TRx: 1 port) • Programmable transmission speed • Lightweight: 185 g • Operating Temperature -10°C~55°C
• Programmable user preferences (Preset, Tour, Pattern, etc.) for each ID (2.4~57.6Kbps) • Effi ciency 83% Typical • FOR INDOOR USE ONLY

Interface: RS-485 / RS-422 Power Consumption Max. 140mA
Keyboard Operation distance: 4000ft (1.2km) on 24 AWG wire LCD Display Graphic Display 16 characters x 2 lines
Communication Protocol: Multiple
(Pelco-D, Pelco-P, Etc.) (Baud rate selectable) Operating Temperature 0˚C ~ 45˚C Power Supply
Connector Type Data TERMINAL BLOCK (8p) Humidity 10% ~ 70% Non-condensing
Rubber button Dimensions 280(W) x 100.08(H) x 179.3(D)mm VS-PS12-5V
Keyboard Button 12V / 5 Amp Barrel Plug Power Supply for box and PTZ IP Cameras.
Numeric keypad and camera function keys Weight ≈ 1.5 lbs
Joystick 3-axis, variable speed with zoom In the package TKC-100 Keyboard, AC Power Adapter (100-240V)
Input Voltage DC 12V or 9V battery (Battery mode) USB Cable, Manual, Terminal block (8p)
VER. 2.0 • 800-800-6608 • Toll Free: 333-0606
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