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Weatherproof Housing for IP Cameras.
Optional Sunshield, Heater, Blower, Defroster, Wiper & PoE+

VS-Trm-200 / VS-Trm-202 / VS-Trm-204 • IP66 rated water proof and vandal resistant enclosure
• Die cast aluminum construction resists damage
Rack mount holder for mounting up to 16 VS • Built-in heater, blower and sunshield (VS-60-SHB)
Encoder / Decoders in a 5 RU space • Includes wall mount bracket with cable feed-through * Camera Not Included
• Easy access to the camera
• Special M20 cable gland provides easy access to RJ 485 connector * Shown with optional Wiper
Operating Conditions • Includes wall mount bracket
• Temp: 5 - 50 ºC
VS-H60 VS-H60: 173(W) x 116(H) x 428(D)m/m
Connections VS-H60-S VS-H60-S: 184.6(W) x 127.3(H) x 460(D)m/m
• Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 A Models VS-H60-SHB External Dimensions VS-H60-SHB: 184.6(W) x 127.3(H) x 460(D)m/m
VS-H60-SHBDW VS-H60-SHBD: 7.3(W) x 5.0(H) x 18.11(D)in
Dimensions and Weight Usage Indoor / Outdoor VS-H60: 2.3kg / 5lbs
• Height: 210 mm / 8.3 in (5 RU) * Shown with optional modules installed Input Power 24VAC 24VAC: 22W Weight VS-H60-S: 3.0kg / 6.6lbs
3.6kg / 7.9lbs
• Width: 482.8 mm / 19 in Power Consumption VS-H60-SHBD 24VAC: 30W VS-H60-SHBD:
24VAC: 36W
• Depth: 145 mm / 5.7 in VS-H60-SHBDW Temperature: -15°~+50°, Humidity: 100% Material VS-H60-SHBDW:
Aluminum, Glass, Plastic
VS-H60 / VS-H60-S
• Weight: 6.7 kg / 14.8 lbs Enviromental VS-H60SHB Temperature: -35°~+55°, Humidity: 100%
Temperature: -40°~+55°, Humidity: 100%
VS-H60-SHBD-W Temperature: -40°~+55°, Humidity: 100% Ingress Protection IP66
Thermostat Heater: ON 4°±3°, Blower: ON 45°±5 °
VS-TRM-200 Rack mount holder for 16 pcs of VS-11
VS-TRM-202 Rack mount holder for 16 pcs of VS-102 or VS-103
VS-TRM-204 Rack mount holder for 16 pcs of VS-14 VS-NVr-910 / VS-NVr-1610
Standalone 9CH, 16CH NVR
• Support 9 or 16 channels
Audio Production Accessories • 2 x HDD (SATA)
• 2 x e-SATA
• Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T
VS-LSC L/R In-Out Lip SYNC Corrector • Power full client software

The Stereo Lip SYNC Corrector is a compact device that corrects audio delay between audio and video.
When distributing video over long distances through multiple devices like distribution amplifiers and set
top boxes there can sometimes be a noticeable delay which results in audio being played before the
video. This device lets you manually adjust the audio delay from 0 ~300 ms allowing you to perfectly
synchronize your audio and video, so when it reaches the display your media is synched and ready to go.
The Lip SYNC Corrector is an affordable and compact device that can be used to correct audio sync going
to your Video Encoder or Producer’s Station Audio Input.

VS-HAE HDMI Audio Extractor Video Input Max 9CH or 16ch (Network) Certifications CE, FCC, KC, RoHS
H.264, MJPEG
1 x RS-232 port
The HDMI Audio Extractor is a device that allows you to extract audio signals from your HDMI source. Bitrate 64Mbps (All channels) External devices 1 x RS-422/485 port
1 x Buzzer (88dB min)
When connecting with a TV or display you don’t always get great audio, or in the case of a display, no Recording Resolution 352x240 ~ 2592x1936 2 x USB2.0 (Backup / HDD)
audio at all, so with this Audio Extractor you can take your original HDMI audio signal and convert it Mode Continuous, Event(Pre/Post), Schedule General Power supply Min DC12V/5A(with HDD 2ea)
to optical and analog L/R audio. What this means is that you can output your audio signal to external Playback (Network) Simultaneous playback 9CH / 16H Power Consumption DC12V, Max 4A(at booting with HDD 2ea)
Max 1.5A(at operating with HDD 2ea)
speakers or extend your audio signal. Ideal for your VS-102 Encoder or PS-102 Producer’s Station. Audio Resolution 352x240 ~ 2592x1936 Operating Temp. 5°C ~ 40°C (41°F ~ 104°F) / 80% RH
G.711 / AAC
User interface LED Operation status display Dimension 215(W) x 316.2(L) x 84.6(H)
Interface 2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ-45) Weight 2.86kg(with HDD 2ea), 1.55kg(without
VS-HAI HDMI Audio Inserter Network Protocol IPv4/v6, TCP, UDP, Multicast Storage Internal disk 2 x HDD (SATA)
Camera connection/Streaming MEI Protocol, ONVIF, Generic RTSP
2 x e-SATA
The HDMI Audio Inserter is a device that lets you insert external audio into your HDMI/DVI source. Management software NVR Manager Backup (Network) File format AVI, MP4, Native (Player embedded),
VMS Client, VMS Web Client
Client software
The device allows you to insert stereo and multi-channel surround sound to give users the capability
to select and insert their Sweetened audio formats into the HDMI program feed. Ideal for your VS-102
Features, specifi cations, and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
Physical appearance of products may vary slightly from images shown on this document. Please visit our website for updates and information. VER. 2.0 • 800-800-6608 • Toll Free: 333-0606
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