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VMS-16 is a Powerful IP Video Recording and Monitoring Software Application
that provides rich features and functionality. VMS-16 provides Live Monitoring,
Camera Control and Recording of up to 16 IP Cameras and Video Encoders with
a common “simple-to-use” Windows Interface. The Application supports various
types of event and schedule-based recording functions customizable to meet
every customer’s needs. Additionally, the Relay function uses the VMS Server
to retransmit streams to multiple VMS Clients. This real-time feature improves
system performance and stability.

This software can be downloaded on our website:
Applications • Automatic camera IP discovery Recording status can be monitored in this mode. More cameras can
• Automatic display unit mapping
be accommodated for recording and streaming as they do not use
• On-screen PTZ Control CPU load for decoding and display.
Local Sources • Decoding visible channels function
• JPEG snapshot with watermarking • Pre & Post-event recording • AVI, MP4 and WMV file backup
• Transfer of snapshot image through e-mail and FTP • Customized schedule recording • Copies same recording
• Automatic video encoding setting according to various screen modes • Manual storage setup setup for many cameras
• Reading setup from cameras
VMS-16 Manager
VMS Client


Server Class PC running VMS-16
VMS Client

VMS Client
Analog Camera
Remote Sources

• Map-based monitoring • 16CH simultaneous playback
• Manage up to 16 cameras • Two-way audio communication • Easy placement of cameras on a map • Remote search by events
• 16CH simultaneous live monitoring • Recording based on schedule-associated events • Automatic video pop-up based on events • Bookmark function
• Holiday setup
• List of all cameras on network
• 16CH simultaneous recording • Various events monitoring and alarm notification • Audio broadcast function • Easy control interface
• 16CH simultaneous search & playback • Supports H.264 and MJPEG video compression • Two-way audio communication with cameras
• E-MAP based recording • Camera group monitoring
• Streaming relay function • Supports megapixel cameras
• Easy installation • Customized event creation by event handler
• Supports Four Display Monitors • Dongle License Available for more Sources, VMS-20, VMS-36, VMS-64 and VMS-128 Features, specifi cations, and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
Physical appearance of products may vary slightly from images shown on this document. Please visit our website for updates and information. VER. 2.0 • 800-800-6608 • Toll Free: 333-0606
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